2012 Volume 11 – Number 2

2012 Volume 11 – Number 2

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Maria Beville and Sara Dybris McQuaid
Speaking of Silence: Comments from an Irish Studies Perspective

Katy Hayward
Negative Silence: The Unspoken Future of Northern Ireland

Cillian McGrattan and Stefanie Lehner
Re/Presenting Victimhood: Nationalism, Victims and Silences in Northern Ireland

F. Stuart Ross
It Hasn’t Gone Away You Know: Irish Republican Violence in the Post- Agreement Era

Sara Dybris McQuaid
Trailblazers and Cassandras: ‘Other’ Voices in Northern Ireland

Peter Slomanson
On the Great Silence: A Gap in Irish Historiography and Consequences for Language Education in Ireland

Maria Beville
The Sounds of Silence: Samuel Beckett’s Haunted Modernism

Steven Bond
How to Pull a Good Whoroscope