2012 Volume 11 – Number 1

2012 Volume 11 – Number 1

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Ruben Moi
Introduction: The Island and the Arts

Michael Parker
«Air from another time and place»: The Island’s Arts

Anne Karhio
Seamus Heaney, Paul Durcan and Hugo Simberg’s «Wounded Angel»

Ruben Moi
Maggots and Language in Paul Muldoon’s Maggot

Gerald Porter
Locks and Bolts: Incest Trauma and the Elliptical Oral Narrative in Ireland

Martin Shaw
Warning Signs: Hybridity and Violence in Nan Joyce’s Traveller and My Life on the Road

Chiara Rustici
Brendan Behan: «The Scene of Writing» as a Search for Identity

Gerd Bjørhovde
From Discords to Dubliners: George Egerton, James Joyce and Norway

John Braidwood
Cultural Quietism in Ireland: The Case of Maurice Walsh

Joakim Wrethed
No Immanence for Old Men: The Art of Acting in John Banville’s Eclipse and Philip Roth’s The Humbling

Timothy Saunders
Classical Antiquity in Brian Friel’s Translations

Ondřej Pilný
This is Not a Green Wave: Issues of Representation in Jack B. Yeats’s Play In Sand

Alexandra Slaby
The Insularity Paradigm Effectiveness in Recessionary Times

Charles I. Armstrong
Ghost Memories: Yeats on Individual and Collective Pasts