2006 Volume 5 – Number 1

2006 Volume 5 – Number 1

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Politics, Society, Culture

Christian Mailhes
A New Departure for Northern Ireland: Openings and Difficulties

Christophe Gillissen
The Back to the Future?: Ireland at the UN Security Council, 2001-2002

Catherine Piola
The Reform of Irish Citizenship



Åke Persson
Between Displacement and Renewal: The Third Space in Roddy Doyle’s Novels

Iris Lindahl-Raittila
Negotiating Irishness: Edna O’Brien’s 1990s Trilogy

Stephen Regan
W.B. Yeats: Irish Nationalism and Post-Colonial Theory

Björn Sundmark
Yeats and the Fairy Tale

Daniel W. Ross
In Search of Enabling Light: Heaney, Wordsworth, and the Poetry of Trauma

Shane Alcobia-Murphy
‘Re-reading Five, Ten Voices in the Poetry of Medbh McGuckian

Erik Martiny
Demonic Forefather: Portraits of Samuel Beckett in the Poems of Paul Durcan

Christa Velten-Mrowka
‘Be Faithful to the Routine Gestures’: Old Themes in Fermentation in Brian Friel’s Give Me Your Answer, Do!

Alison O ‘Malley-Younger
There’s No ‘Race’ Like Home: Race, Place and Nation in Brian Friel’s The Home Place