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Nordic Irish Studies

Nordic Irish Studies is a peer-reviewed annual printed journal that was established in 2002 by the Centre for Irish Studies, Aarhus (CISA), Dalarna University Centre for Irish Studies (DUCIS), and NISN (Nordic Irish Studies Network). The journal is currently fully produced by DUCIS with the support of NISN.

The aim of the journal is to publish original, high-quality research done by literature specialists, historians, social scientists, political scientists, musicologists, and geographers, as well as by scholars from other disciplines included in the field of Irish Studies. Nordic Irish Studies supports both the publication of inter-disciplinary work, and studies rooted in the methodologies and theories of the individual scholars’ disciplines.

We believe that Irish Studies needs to be slightly ‘de-hibernicised’, i.e. that it needs to become less preoccupied with the study of notions and images of Ireland and their deconstruction, and more concerned with the study of issues relevant to Irish society, politics, history and culture in an international and comparative perspective. Nordic Irish Studies fosters the publication of scholarly work produced with this ethos.